If we cannot envision the world we would like to live in, we cannot work towards its creation.
— Chellis Glendinning
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At Sea Garden we hope to be a meaningful vector for change. In the face of certain and potentially extraordinary environmental change, we aim to not only foster a dialogue and engage the community but help provide sustainable, healthy, and ecologically beneficial products. We hope to use our work to engage the public on the social and economic level. We believe that not only does the future need environmentally sustainable business practices but that it is also necessary for the workforce to be ready for those changes. We want to be able to provide jobs and training in all levels of production regardless of education, criminal history, job experience, or other factors that serve as means for economic exclusion and empower all individuals to engage their community on all levels. 



  • Establish a viable aquaculture venture focused on long term environmental sustainability.
  • Engage the public and foster a close relationship with consumers to encourage ethical and sustainable food practices at the community level
  • Empower local youth and disadvantaged or underserved populations to become valuable assets to the community through jobs and job training opportunities focused on local sustainable and enviro-centric endeavors


Lets think about our food.


Lets think about our community.


Lets think about our Environment. 


Lets think about our future.


Ready to help?